Why Your Master Bedroom Should Be An Oasis

Charlotte NC master bedroom ideasIf you’re in the process of design a custom home, then you will need to take the time to be sure your master suite is everything you need it to be and more. After all, your master bedroom should serve as a holiday of sorts. Consider implementing some of these luxury design and furnishing ideas in your new master bedroom for your custom home, if you are looking to escape everyday bedroom design.

Envision Wallpaper

Think wallpaper is a thing of yester-year? Not necessarily. According to HGTV, wallpaper has recently made a dramatic recovery. As such, you may want to consider picking out an unique wallpaper design for your master bedroom rather than sticking with traditional paint. Play it safe by using wallpaper on one wall, if you’re unsure about the notion and paint throughout the rest of the room.

A master suite should not just be a place to sleep. You’re spending time and energy designing your custom home, so why should your master bedroom comprise and give you just a few drawers, nightstands, and a bed? As an example, why not assemble a cozy seating area near a large window? If you are the kind who does a lot of work from home, you may even consider setting up a work nook in your master bedroom, complete with its own built-in desk and maybe a fire place hearth.

Add appliances which you might also find in a hotel room, like a coffee maker and mini-refrigerator, for an even more luxurious encounter in your own master bedroom space.

A Walk-Out Deck You Can Appreciate

While most custom home designs feature a walk out veranda or deck from the dining or living room, you can really bring your master bedroom design to the next level by including French or glass doors that open to balcony, patio, or your own private deck. After all, what better way to start your day in your custom home than by stepping outside for a breath of fresh air and waking up to the great outdoors? Encompass your patio of balcony door with loads of large windows to maximize natural lighting in your new master bedroom space.

Make sure to keep these unique master bedroom suggestions in mind if you are looking to think outside the box with your custom home design and enjoy your new space!

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