Top Twelve Luxury Home Must-Haves

modern luxury homesModern luxury homes are still in high demand these days, with many new home buyers boasting a long list of must-have features for their place. Homeowners are starting to understand the benefits of buying new luxury homes for sale, and as a result new home sales are expected to climb 29% to 557,000 this year (up from 431,000 last year).

Home buyers often look for energy efficiency, open layouts, warranties, hand-selected appliances, flooring, and paint colors when choosing to build or buy new. When considering your custom home design, here are the top 10 trends that your fellow custom home buyers are asking for:

  1. Efficiency. 
    Of those who built a National Green Building Standard home, 92% would purchase another green home. Smart home technologies can also reduce costs to make the home more energy efficient.

  3. Outdoor Rooms. 
    Having a custom home bar on your deck wouldn’t be so bad. Many are bringing the indoor experience outdoors in order to get in touch with nature and relax.

  5. New Grill. 
    Along with the outdoor bar, you’ll need a new high tech grill that can burn both wood and gas. Side burners and smoking baskets are just an added bonus.

  6. Privacy. 
    It’s all about landscaping these days, especially when it comes to creating a private space for you and the family. Fences, walls, and natural plantings are all the range.

  8. Master Bedroom. 
    All modern luxury homes have a master bedroom, but when you opt for custom home interiors, include a mini-kitchen in the master bedroom.

  10. Closets. 
    Homeowners are asking for more closet space in the form of dressing areas, walk-in closets, and space to put suitcases.

  12. Bathroom.
     The tub and shower doesn’t look all that appealing, and you certainly won’t find it in many custom home interiors. Instead, keep the tub separate from the shower — especially in the master bathroom.

  14. Exercise room. 
    What else were you going to do with all that basement space? Families are opting to square off a section of their basement to include an exercise room so you can cut costs on gym memberships.

  16. Gaming. 
    What you can also include in the basement (or perhaps finished attic) would be a game room or home theater to entertain your guests.

  18. Office Space. 
    If you or your spouse works from home, don’t make them work at the kitchen table anymore, they deserve a separate, closed office to do their work.

  20. Watering Hole. 
    Some of the most expensive homes sold in 2010 had a water feature in the backyard. Adding a pond or swimming pool is a great way to add value to your house.

  22. Guesthouse. Plan on having the grandparents visit for a few days? Or perhaps they are moving in? Adding a private guest house will make sure you both have enough privacy.

If you are looking at modern luxury homes, always ask the architect or designer what other features you can include that will get you the most use out of your new home.

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