outdoor living in the right location


You have heard the adage: location, location, location. This is where to spend your money. You could build the Taj Mahal Palace, but if you build your custom home in the wrong location or on the wrong lot, you could be in real trouble. I always tell people to buy the best lot they can afford in a neighborhood that is right for them. Historically, waterfront property experiences stronger growth in value than non-waterfront property. If you like water and can afford it, build on the waterfront. Your long-term investment is more likely to be sound. ┬áJust look around at the communities in Bay and Walton Counties that are thriving now. It’s about the location…buyers are willing to pay a higher price for certain communities, not only because of the amenities that they provide, but it’s the location. Arthur Rutenberg builds in communities and on your lot all across Bay and Walton Counties.