Stop and check out the latest in construction and meet some local custom home builders, stop by the FSU Holley Center, in Panama City, FL on Feb 16 or 17th to the 2013 BBIA Home Expo (The BBIA is formerly known by the name HBA, but was recently change to be more descriptive of the membership including trades, vendors and commercial contractors).

Arthur Rutenberg Homes, one of Bay County’s most premier custom home builders will be one of the exhibitors where Brian Baber, president, Brad Amerson, salesman, and Jason Ash, construction manager, will be there to meet with prospective home buyers and discuss what’s new in home building and will also have copies of Brian’s book, In- Home Creating Your Dream Home Room By Room. All proceeds from the book go to the Taunton Family Children’s Home Scholarship Fund.

Here’s a free way to view Brian’s book:

Click HERE for iPad, Sony Nook or eBook formats


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The HBA has sold over 40 booths to construction related businesses and is expecting nearly 1000 people in attendance. The goal of this event is to introduce essential services and innovative new products related to building or remodeling a home to the public.

Proceeds from admissions fees will go to Habitat for Humanity.