De-stress With The Design Center

If you have ever walked into a model home that you loved chances are you have thought  “I wish I had the talent to put all of this together in my home”.   Well, Arthur Rutenberg Homes offers a design feature that completely simplifies the decision making process of selecting colors, surfaces and materials for your new home.  In nearby Lynn Haven there is a one stop shop for all your design needs plus a one-on-one advisor for your use.  Also included in your home package is a 4 hour session with a local professional designer of renown, Roy Eure of Cerulean Interiors.  Roy will work with you to achieve a perfect balance that will reflect your taste and budget with confidence.   You will be glad you chose ARH to build your dream home.

Couple looking tiled bathroom. They are in a warehouse that sells interior home and bathroom decoration

Couples love the help they get at our Design Center in Lynn Haven, Florida