Creating The Perfect Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is the one part of your home where you should be able to relax, unwind, and escape the problems of the day in maximum comfort and style. Creating a space that welcomes you in and instantly triggers a sense of calm and balance is the ultimate goal. Your master bedroom can have any look, mood, or style you want, just as long as it is pleasing to you and your partner. Consider these tips and ideas when creating the master bedroom of your dreams.

Identifying Your Bedroom Furniture Style

bedroom furniture styleMost people spend approximately a third of their lives in the bedroom, more than any other room in the house. So, make it a comfortable oasis where you can spend that time relaxing and recharging without worry or distractions. The first place you need to start is choosing the style of master bedroom furniture that both you and your partner will feel comfortable in for eight-plus hours of the day. Whether you are decorating your own master bedroom or hiring a designer, you should have a general understanding of what types of bedroom furniture styles are available so you can make an informed choice. Clearly identifying what style you like will make future design decisions easier.

Traditional Master Bedroom Furniture is Large and In Charge

Traditional bedroom furniture is usually large in scale, made of solid woods, and adorned with ornate accents or highly decorative features. Think of over-sized bedroom furniture sets with thick headboards, solid corner posts, rounded edges, and hand carved details. A traditional bedroom set might consist of a sleigh bed made of solid wood, clawfoot nightstands, leather upholstered chairs, and a mirrored dresser with chunky metal drawer pulls. Browns, golds, dark greens, and other earth tones are often used with traditional furniture to create a classic, luxurious look that you might find in the finest decorated homes of Europe or a quaint country castle.

Modern Master Bedroom Furniture is All Retro

Modern master bedroom furniture design refers to a specific style that was created during the mid-20th century, generally between the late 1920s and early 1970s. The height of mid-century modern design took place in the 1950s and is often referred to today as retro design. It is a clean, bright, open, style with smooth, unadorned lines. Natural materials are used, such as leather, wood, and linen, but then mixed with manufactured materials, such as molded plywood, sleek plastic, and polished metal. A modern master bedroom has an open, airy, minimalist feel with furniture that sits higher off the ground on thin legs. The walls are a crisp white or classic gray, and there are hints of color spread throughout in the form or wall art, fabrics, or accessories.

Contemporary Master Bedroom Furniture is Always Evolving

Contemporary bedroom furniture can mix both traditional and modern master bedroom design styles with current design trends. Contemporary design is always changing and evolving as new styles fall in and out of popular appeal. It takes the best design elements from various styles and mixes them together to create a balanced look that is fashionable and trendy. A contemporary bedroom set might include a large traditional style bed, but with cleaner modern style lines. Lighter woods, such as maple or birch, can be mixed with reflective surfaces, such as glass or stainless steel. Artistic lighting fixtures, unusual shapes, and splashes of bold colors are popular in contemporary master bedroom style.

Shabby Chic Makes New Look Old Again

Shabby chic bedroom furniture is very feminine with bright whites, pastel pinks, baby blues, and floral patterns. Master bedroom sets are often antiques and paired with new furniture that has been distressed to look old and worn. Wood surfaces are often heavily painted with white or pastel paints, letting the natural dark wood show through chips in the paint. Furniture with dark, flat metals are typically used as well. Pure white or pastel cotton fabrics are bleached to give them a faded look. A shabby chic bedroom set might include an iron bed covered with floral bedding, overstuffed chairs, and distressed dressers with Depression-era glass drawer pulls.

Choosing Your Master Bedroom Flooring

master bedroom flooringChoosing the type of flooring you want for the master bedroom is an important design element that can set the tone for the entire room. While your bedroom furniture style may change over the years, your flooring will most likely stay the same. Choosing the right flooring materials that will stand the test of time can be overwhelming, so knowing your options can make the decision easier. There are plenty of high-end options to choose from, so consider these top choices for your master bedroom.

Bedroom Carpeting Can Be Luxurious and Durable

Carpeting comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Saxony (or plush) is a traditional, soft carpet style with a velvety feel. Saxony is perfect for master bedrooms due to its luxurious look, but will easily show footprints, so it is not the best choice if you have small children. Frieze is made from fibers that are tightly twisted and cut so that they bend. Frieze is not as soft to the touch, but it is an extremely durable carpet for high traffic areas. Berber (or looped) is different from other carpet styles because the yarn tips are left uncut. While it is very sturdy, Berber is not as soft, and the loops can easily snag, which can be a problem if you have pets. Cut and loop carpets are a combination of cut yarns and looped yarns, which can create interesting patterns and textures. Cut and loop carpets are fashionable and look great in a master bedroom because they add an extra design element and hold up well over time.

Exotic Hardwood Floors Are One-of-a-Kind

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for master bedrooms. Hardwood floors are extremely stylish, durable, easy to maintain, and go with just about any décor style. For a unique look that will give your master bedroom that extra wow factor, consider choosing exotic hardwood floors. Exotic wood species have more complex color variations, unusual grain patterns and tend to be harder than traditional wood choices. Many exotic hardwoods are imported from areas that do not come from ethical renewable sources, which is bad for the environment. You can make sure the exotic woods you choose are being harvested responsibly by asking if they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Vintage Wood Master Bedroom Flooring Can Add a Little History

Vintage wood flooring is another way to incorporate a unique element to your master bedroom style. Traditional hardwood floors have a polished finish and new look, but vintage style floors have a dull finish and aged look. Reclaimed wood might come from old barns, abandoned factories, 100-year-old homes, or even salvaged from lakes and rivers. Many of these woods were harvested from old growth forests that are now extinct, so reusing them is truly like adding a part of history to your bedroom. Hand scraped wood flooring is another good way to get the look of vintage wood, but it is more readily available. Hand scraped techniques make new wood look old by creating grooves, scratches, and markings that mimic the look of aged wood.

Tile Flooring is Trendy and Cool

Tile flooring is trendy and can add texture or visual interest to a master bedroom floor. Tile floors are popular in tropical, warm areas because they stay cool and are easy to clean, but they can be incorporated into any home, no matter what the climate. Tile flooring comes in a wide range of styles, are durable, easy to maintain, and hold up to everyday wear and tear better than other flooring materials. Clay tile flooring is another option that offers the durability of traditional tile, but is softer to the touch and not as cold on your feet.

There’s More to Lighting Than You Might Think

master bedroom lighting ideasMaster bedrooms require different types of lights to fulfill different kinds of needs. Your main lighting source should be an overhead fixture that is bright enough to illuminate the entire room. A remote control that is kept next to the bed is also handy. In addition to overhead lighting, you’ll need to consider these other lighting options.

Background Lighting In The Bedroom Creates Ambiance and Mood

Background lighting is used to create different moods in your master bedroom. This might mean installing recessed ceiling lights or track lighting around the perimeter of the room. It can also be achieved by placing uplights, lamps that focus light up towards the ceiling and is reflected back, in every corner of your bedroom. Background lighting should be dimmable so that they can be turned up brightly when the kids are in there playing or turned down low to create a romantic ambiance or relaxing mood.

Task Lighting Focuses Light Where You Need it Most

Task lighting is probably the most important lighting to consider for the master bedroom. A pair of lights on each side of the bed are necessary for when you are relaxing in bed. This might mean a pair of lamps that sit on the nightstands or wall-mounted lights that are low and close enough to be reached from the bed. Directional reading lights are also nice if you like to read in bed. Reading lights can be adjusted and focused on your book, rather than on your sleeping partner. Task lighting should also be used near sitting areas, desks, or vanities.

Specialized Lighting Draws Your Attention

Specialized lighting can also be used to highlight specific areas of the master bedroom. This might include lights to illuminate hallways or stairway areas. They can be used with motion sensors that are only activated when someone passes in front of them. Mounted spotlights can be used to draw attention to wall art or cherished family photos. Specialized lighting can also be added to bookcases, cabinets, or even around the bed to add to the overall design of the room.

Bedroom Window Treatments Can be Stylish and Useful

master bedroom drapesWindow treatments can be merely decorative with no function other than to add color and style to the room, or they can be highly functional and used to block out light and sounds. Whether you choose drapes, curtains, shades, or blinds, the way you choose to decorate your master bedroom windows can address both form and function.

Bedroom Windows Should Never Be Naked

When it comes to adding window treatments to the master bedroom, it is one of the easiest ways to pull a décor look together, add visual interest, or hide architectural flaws. For instance, the fabrics you chosen for the windows will tie the entire room together. By choosing classic patterns, like bold plaids, geometric designs, or French toile, you can give your master bedroom an elegant, finished look. Alternatively, by using white linens, delicate sheers, and floral chintz fabrics, you can change the look of the room to a lighter, more casual look. Window treatments can hide hardware that might be used to mount window shades and will trick the eye into making a room seem taller simply by hanging floor to ceiling window dressings.

Bedroom Blackout Shades Turn Day Into Night

Depending on your needs, there are several different levels of room darkening window treatments that you can incorporate into your master bedroom. Most everyday shades are light filtering, meaning they filter out the brightest lights, but still let in enough to see during the day. Room darkening shades block all light that is directly coming in, but ambient light around the sides will still seep through. Blackout shades will prevent all outside light from getting through when installed inside an enclosed frame. These roller shades come in manual and motorized options.

Create a Master Bedroom That You Want to Spend Time In

master bedroom ideasA master bedroom can be so much more than the room you sleep in by dedicating certain sections of the bedroom for specific uses. While a large, walk-in closet is the ultimate dream for most homeowners, creating extra storage areas in the master bedroom can come in handy and will give empty spaces a purpose. A vanity in the bedroom is a nice place to get ready in the morning or prepare for bed at night without being isolated in the bathroom. A beautiful vanity table with drawers, a comfortable chair, large mirror, and task lighting is the perfect place to apply makeup, do your hair, and store jewelry. Adding a built-in vanity with drawers and shelves can save space and add interest to the room.

A Relaxing Place to Read

Creating a reading or relaxation area in your master bedroom will give you the perfect place to wind down after a hard day. Placing a pair of overstuffed chairs, a side table, and a reading lamp is all that is needed, but adding some extras will make it a favorite place to hang out. Add soft pillows, cozy blankets, a comfortable ottoman, and framed family pictures or favorite collectibles. You can even keep a mini-library nearby with built-in or freestanding bookcases. A reading area works well near a large window that overlooks a picturesque area of your property. You might also consider adding a built-in window seat for the ultimate relaxation spot.

A Master Bedroom Office Area

A master bedroom is not the place for work, but adding a small desk area can be useful. A bedroom office area should consist of a small desk with drawers, task lighting, and a comfortable chair. Rather than a traditional desk, a decorative writing table can add elegance while matching the style of your bedroom décor. Adding an electronics charging station makes your office area the perfect spot to keep phones, tablets, and laptops charged and out of the way. Consider installing USB charging outlets to the wall so that electronics do not take up the outlet space that is being used for lamps or your laptop.

n Automated Bedroom Takes Lazy to a New Level

In today’s high-tech world, automating your bedroom has never been easier. Using phone or tablet apps, you can automate almost every electronic element in your master bedroom. From being able to control the lights, room temperature, window shades, music, and even the firmness of your bed, modern technology makes it easy to enjoy a lazy weekend in bed. Adding home security and surveillance feeds to your TV will also give you the power to monitor the outside of your home and give you peace of mind.

Little Extras That Could Cause You to Never Leave the Bedroom

A wet bar or beverage station in the master bedroom will cut down on trips to the kitchen. Installing a small sink area with a granite counter top is the perfect place to keep adult beverages for a nighttime cocktail and hot beverages for early morning coffee, tea, or espresso. Adding a mini-fridge with an ice maker can keep mixers, creamers, and even small snacks nearby. It is like having all the perks of living in a fancy hotel, but right in your own, luxurious master bedroom.

Bedroom Customization Can Be The Key

The last homes you lived in may have been built before you got there, but what if you could have your bedroom set up any way you wanted it? When homeowners build a custom home, they can completely specify what they want in their master bedroom design and master bedroom floor plan ideas. Homeowners have installed TVs in wall mirrors, installed black out windows to sleep during the day, a cold water dispenser right by the bed, waterfalls and other custom elements too numerous to mention. For more ideas on master bedroom decorating ideas or to see master bedroom idea pictures, visit the model home section or visit the Arthur Rutenberg Homes model near you.

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