A virtual tour of a luxury model home helps viewers see beyond pictures.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes, the leading luxury custom home builder, continues to add features for their customers and home buyers, including cutting-edge virtual tours.

The luxury home builder regularly adds new 3d interactive virtual tours to its virtual model home walk-through gallery.

The virtual tours allow viewers to “walk through” the luxury custom model homes using their mouse or fingers on a tablet.  This lets viewers move at their own pace, stop and look at the incredible details the custom homes offer, and even look up and down.

The virtual tours begin right at the front door and allow viewers to see all the rooms and many exterior features. The virtual tours do a great job in showing how livable the custom home spaces are and how the homes feel even bigger than they are using open floor plans and eliminating wasted space.

The virtual tours are also optimized for tablets with high resolution screens and can easily be walked using the swipes inherent to the platform.

View the complete gallery of virtual model home tours here.

With home buyers being so busy, especially luxury custom buyers, a virtual tour is perfect to understand if the model may be a great one to visit.  With Arthur Rutenberg Homes, many buyers even fly to several models in different places before building a new custom home.  In these cases, seeing a model in a virtual tour is a great way to schedule a multi-home tour.  While virtual tours don’t replace an actual tour of a home, they can set the stage for seeing the quality and options available from Arthur Rutenberg Homes. In an actual model home tour, a real estate professional can show visitors the details and items that make Arthur Rutenberg Homes stand out as the premier custom home builder.
Source: Arthurrutenberghomes.com