#TBT kitchen design from Arthur Rutenberg Homes

#TBT Throw Back Thursday! This 2006 kitchen featured the latest model home design & technology! Eat on granite counters, glass cooktop and ceiling accents were the talk of the community! See Today’s models- http://arhomes.us/1OyKFjZ Source: main arh blog

The Ultimate Book of Master Bedroom Ideas

Creating The Perfect Master Bedroom Your master bedroom is the one part of your home where you should be able to relax, unwind, and escape the problems of the day in maximum comfort and style. Creating a space that welcomes you in and instantly triggers a sense of calm and balance is the ultimate goal. [...]

Lovely Laundry Rooms

There are many ways to make a laundry room not only functional, but quite lovely as well. Below is an excerpt from Brian Baber's book InHome, which outlines some fantastic ideas on what to keep in mind when planning your laundry room.   The laundry room is all about utility, so the design should maximize [...]

Great Guest House Ideas

Including a guest house when you make plans to build will most likely pay of nicely in the long-run. The following, taken from InHome by Brian C. Baber, are some wonderful tips on why guest houses are a good idea and some things to keep in mind once you decide to include one.   A bonus [...]

Where Should You Spend Your Money?

When you decide to build a home, one of the most important, and challenging, decisions is where to splurge a little and when it's okay not to. The following, taken from InHome by Brian C. Baber, will you give you some great advice on where to put your money to get the most value... LOCATION You [...]

Fantastic Foyers in Custom Homes by Arthur Rutenberg Homes

  Fantastic Foyer Custom Home When building a custom home, a foyer is a great place to highlight a grand chandelier, perhaps visible through a transom glass above the front door. If that is not your taste, countless other options exist for light fixtures; remember, this is where your guests (and you!) step [...]

Front Door Appeal For Custom Homes

Beautiful Front Door Front door appeal is an important aspect for custom homes. The entrance to your home should make a statement, so select a beautiful, solid front door and surround it with complementary trim (again, think proportions: do not put wimpy trim around a heavy, ornate door). Your door handle set communicates [...]


Stop and check out the latest in construction and meet some local custom home builders, stop by the FSU Holley Center, in Panama City, FL on Feb 16 or 17th to the 2013 BBIA Home Expo (The BBIA is formerly known by the name HBA, but was recently change to be more descriptive of the [...]

Why Choose an Arthur Rutenberg Home?

Why choose an Arthur Rutenberg home? Design immediately distinguishes the Arthur Rutenberg brand. Ever since Art introduced the split-bedroom floor plan with a centrally located kitchen and open common area, his designs have been embraced and his plans define Florida and Southeast living. “Form follows function” is the leading design principle, and the Arthur Rutenberg [...]

Custom Home Curb Appeal

We have all passed by homes with charming front porches with great curb appeal that seem to invite us in for lemonade and warm conversation. A fabulous front porch makes a wonderful first impression. RAISE IT UP  A front porch should not give you that sinking feeling. It should be elevated and on display, which requires raising [...]