About Bluefield Builders, Lake Norman, NC

Tom Arndt
Tom ArndtFranchisee

Tom Arndt is the principal in a dedicated team of professionals, with three decades of experience in homebuilding. As an award-winning builder with a reputation for integrity and commitment, he is an integral part of the design-build process. Tom believes a custom home is one of the last, best handmade products in America. As such, every one of the homes we build is a unique project, not just for the homeowner, but for the sales consultant, architect, engineer, interior designer and construction manager who work together to bring the vision to life. Tom’s particular focus is in balancing the unique properties of each lot with the individual needs and personality of each homeowner. He brings a broad set of skills to the management of an Arthur Rutenberg franchise:

  • a background in construction management from his own custom homebuilding company in California to an urban infill company in the Chicago area
  • expertise in residential energy efficiency working on the ‘Build America’ project
  • mentor and trainer in construction project management nationwide
  • land acquisition, redevelopment, cost analysis and estimating, purchasing, engineering and design

Tom’s goal is to build a partnership between buyer and homebuilder – to build great homes that people love, and at the same time, to foster a work environment based on trust, respect and pride in accomplishment.

Come and meet your builder – the relationship will last for the life of your project and beyond.

Caring for people, community and the planet

Social responsibility… begins at home. For the past five years, Bluefield has supported a hugely successful local effort to provide Bikes for Tikes:

  • A bicycle and helmet at Christmas time for underprivileged young children in our own neighborhoods.
  • This ongoing effort has grown every year with generous donations from our contractors and homeowners.
  • Continues to be Bluefield’s strongest community commitment.


Framing a custom home

Our business – construction not destruction:

  • Homebuilding here in North Carolina is one of the last, best handmade products in America.
  • We use local contractors, vendors and designers. And our homes are state-of-the-art in energy efficiency, HVAC systems, and insulation, with energy star rated appliances throughout.
  • The lumber for all our homes is grown from certified sustainable forests, and the trees we cut on site are all recycled as mulch.

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‘Saw one, save one’… Bluefield has an environmental program unique to the homebuilding industry.

  • For every tree we cut down to build your house, we protect a tree in one of the world’s critical rainforests through a forest conservation program.
  • By buying carbon credits for every tree we cut, Bluefield is part of an international effort to put a value on the world’s primary ecosystems, helping to combat the forces of deforestation worldwide.
  • This is a donation we make from our company on behalf of all of our homeowners.

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