So you are on the market for a home and debating whether you should move in to a resale or build your own new home. Does this sound about right? With all of those resale options available, it can be a tantalizing opportunity to simply pick a home and move in. But what if you could live in a home that was designed for you specifically? Can you believe it is not only attainable, but also cost-effective in the long haul? New homes provide the latest designs, style, comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and let’s not forget quality. Below we have detailed 5 solid reasons why you should seriously consider building a new custom home over settling for a resale.

New Home - ARH Bordeaux Model Home
  • 1. Get Exactly What You Want

    You get to work with our custom design consultant and architectural designers to peruse up-to-date, award winning architectural designs. You will also consult with our Interior Designer at our Design Studio to choose from the latest interior finishes. Comfort and luxury are wonderful to be sure, but customized comfort and luxury catered to your personal lifestyle, now that’s a whole new genre.

    Our homes are custom designed to match your unique preferences. We offer up to 8 hours of free design time for you to map out exactly what your custom home will look like. Start your design from scratch or incorporate your exact design demands into one of our existing plans.

    Sometimes it is the little things that add the most comfort and luxury to your home. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we integrate advanced technology into the design. From abundant lighting in convenient locations to self-regulating wine coolers, we think outside the box to bring you exactly what your lifestyle needs. Take a look at our home plans and get inspired by niche rooms that our other luxury clients have designed and implemented. We are always looking to expand our repertoire for pulling off interesting new rooms, so get creative! Anything is possible with a hardworking and detail-oriented team like ours.

  • 2. Eliminate Stressful Unknowns

    With a resale you don’t know what is hidden behind those walls. A seemingly ordinary looking home could be riddled with black mold, or have a termite infestation. When you build a new home, you know exactly what is going on in your home. That peace of mind is priceless.

    We keep you updated during the building process, so you know the complete specifications of your new home and can personally see how it is being built. Our team is driven to meet the standards you are looking for. You have the freedom to be as involved as you would like to be with the process; we encourage it.

  • 3. New Homes Are More Energy Efficient

    All of our homes are built with new codes, materials, and construction methods for energy efficiency. We consider insulation, HVAC systems, water heaters, windows and more to ensure an energy-efficient living environment that will save you money on energy costs.

    We offer options for alternative energy sources including solar and geothermal. These are great alternatives to have if you are going for a more progressive design and it’s an eco-friendly route too. Not to mention, many areas offer tax credits for utilizing these energy sources, which can help you save on future lower energy bills.

  • 4. More Cost-Effective Than Remodeling and Retrofitting a Resale Home

    Remodeling can be a nightmare with many unknowns as the walls are removed or systems are replaced and updated. With a resale, you never know what problems will arise as you settle in. With a new home, you get the upgrades upfront without the mystery of “what will break next”. You know what has happened during the lifespan of your home, so you have a better idea of future maintenance requirements.

    Another consideration is the design of a resale. Some designs and features simply can’t be changed to reflect the latest trends or technology. When you build new, not only are you up to date, but you can create a design that utilizes current technology and trends to meet your lifestyle needs. That is always in style.

  • 5. All New – Under Warranty

    Your new home will have a 1-year comprehensive warranty and our state-of-the-industry 10-year workmanship guarantee. We stand by our work and are dedicated to your complete contentment with the end result. These warranties also act as confirmation that we have not overlooked any details where your family’s safety is concerned. There is no need to worry about worn out systems or degrading materials that are common in resale homes. We offer quality construction and an experienced eye for the latest technologies, trends, and building materials to enhance the quality and security of your living space.

If you are on the market and looking to settle for a resale, consider the benefits that come with building new instead. Work with us to get what you want; we guarantee you won’t regret it.

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