Chapter 6 Cabinets & Trim – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Custom Cabinet and Trim Installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1gXywVVhO8&t=6s The walls are up and the custom house is looking more and more like a place to call home. Now is the time for cabinet and trim installation at our custom homes at Lake Norman, North Carolina. The cabinets arrive on huge trucks and the workers hop to. The [...]

Chapter 5 Insulation & Drywall – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Insulation Installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUqkkeMqjcE The mechanicals, HVAC, and plumbing are set and the bones of your home are standing strong. It is time to get some walls in! The first step in this phase is the installation of insulation. The insulation batts, are fiberglass rectangles that vary in thickness anywhere from 3.5-in thick to 5.5-in thick [...]

Chapter 4 Mechanical – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Custom Home Mechanical https://youtu.be/j-ZorevzRSc?list=PLJ_gYvyX5oxcHM48Kn3mDb7HyOSFVA_m_ The next step in building a custom home after getting it framed is installing the mechanicals which are plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. We like to think that if the framing is the skeleton of the house, the mechanicals are the organs that bring it to life. These are the things [...]

Chapter 2 Foundation – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Custom Home Foundation https://youtu.be/W_uf2jecdTI After your lot has been cleared and prepped, it is time to start the foundation of your soon-to-be beautiful custom home! The first part is the footing which is basically a concrete trench laid out by our surveyors built with structural steel. It is inspected and then filled with concrete. It [...]

YouTube Series Launch – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Have you seen our web series how to build a custom home in North Carolina? Today we launch our brand new web series 'Building a Custom Home in North Carolina' on our YouTube channel. Over the next couple of months, in 11 in-depth chapters, we are going to explore the custom home building process [...]

Unique Lake Norman Custom Home sites

Arthur Rutenberg Homes is partnering with Pearl Springs Village to offer five rare lakefront sites for custom homes. A showcase event last month created a buzz among realtors and visitors, presenting a first look at these spectacular custom home lots, each with a hundred feet of lakefront on Lake Norman. Click the link below to [...]