Meet The Bluefield Builders Team, Lake Norman, NC

At Bluefield Builders our team of custom home specialists have been strategically assembled to provide our customers unique experience in the fields of home building, buying, and decorating. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service throughout the home building process, and delivering a superior product in the form of your new Lake Norman custom home.


Tom ArndtTom has been building houses since the age of seven. From tree forts to beautiful custom homes, it’s been a lifelong passion. A Chicago native, Tom has built homes in multiple markets across the US, including California, Seattle and the Mid-West, before finding a home in North Carolina.

After graduating from the University of Illinois, Tom worked as a carpenter, roofer and painter and then as an on-site project manager on the way to becoming division president of a boutique homebuilding company, specializing in new urbanism. He was instrumental in the Build America program, working toward greater energy efficiency in the homebuilding industry, and has taught cost estimating and project management to builders across the country.

Tom loves the design-build process and is proud of his team of professionals at Bluefield, who are committed to realizing the unique vision of each custom home buyer. His near-fanatic attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the industry is sometimes exhausting for his staff, but a real asset for our home-owners!

When he’s not managing the business, Tom transfers his fanatic attention to cycling, his other great love. This summer, he completed the Double Triple Bypass in Colorado – 240 miles and 20,000 feet of elevation in 2 days. It took 9 months to prepare for that, so he’s already working on next summer’s jaunt – cycling the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway.



Sara Arndt

Sara Arndt is Bluefield’s customer liaison. Her job is to take care of the details and make sure homeowners are part of the process as much or as little as they would like to be! Making a complex process a little more straightforward is the best way to describe it.

Sara is a communicator. Her experience as public relations director for a national real estate company and many years of writing and editing have given her the perfect background for translating the conversation between buyer and builder. She will often develop relationships with homeowners that last long after closing.

Sara also makes a couple of trips a year to visit family in England, so if you get an email that looks like it was written in the middle of the night, it probably was…




Michail Ingold

Michael believes that most people have a very good idea of the kind of home they want to build and that his job is to ask the questions that will help shape the vision. Building relationships is just as important to us as building a home and that starts from the minute you walk into our Verdict Ridge model.

Michael has a talent for listening that allows him to quickly become a trusted resource for anyone considering building a home with Bluefield. More of a problem-solver than a salesperson, Michael will discuss potential issues or concerns and offer solutions, and all with the quiet and thoughtful manner that has earned him his Southern gentleman status.

Michael joined Bluefield with an extensive background in new home and semi-custom sales in the Charlotte area. He grew up in the Carolinas, graduated from UNC Charlotte, and has called the Greater Charlotte area home for most of his professional life.  When he’s not helping bring dream homes to life, Michael is usually enjoying time with his family, boating, fishing…or an occasional round of golf.


Meet The Bluefield Builders Team, Lake Norman, NC

Gene has more than 20 years of experience building and managing custom homes. Besides a wealth of knowledge in the field, Gene also has the qualities that make him a great Construction Manager for Bluefield – he is an energetic problem-solver and a quick thinker, dedicated, hardworking and always ready to pick up a tool if needed. His good-natured manner, his ability to listen and an intuitive understanding of homebuilding have earned him the respect of homeowners and contractors alike.

When he’s not focusing on your job, Gene will be spending time with his lovely family (he’s incredibly proud of his two talented daughters), cooking, grilling, spending time outdoors, boating and fishing and – sometimes – traveling to the Caribbean. Not till your home closes though…




Lynsey Hochstetler

Lynsey Hochstetler grew up in the wilds of Michigan, riding 4-wheelers, canoeing and loving spending time outdoors on her grandfather’s property. With a degree in supply chain management from Michigan State University, she began her career in purchasing 15 years ago. Lucky for us, Lynsey decided she wanted to be active all year round, not just four months of it, and embarked on a brave new adventure – moving to North Carolina.

Lynsey’s energy and enthusiasm bring a real momentum to the daily operations of a homebuilding company. As purchasing manager, she’s Tom’s right hand; from color session to close, Lynsey is involved in everything. She is a systems person par excellence – with multiple talents including finance, logistics and accounting — and she also manages most of the paperwork that goes through the office, without ever using paper. Go Lynsey.

If she ever turns off (and good luck with that one), Lynsey will probably be training for her next half marathon, using her construction skills remodeling her own home and loving life with boyfriend Kirk, and their three dogs – Breslin, a chihuahua mix, and two beautiful Dobermans, Bo and Maggie.



Dawn Hardy

Call Dawn if you need to check on anything that’s happening with your home – if she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find someone who will. She’s not just a talented administrative coordinator, she’s also a voice of calm in a very hectic office.

When Dawn first joined us, she told us that the job would never be the most important thing in her life. It was always going to be her family – her little boy Dalton, and husband Jacob. That’s the way it should be. If Dawn had the choice, it would be her son’s photo here instead of hers!

Once we can manage to tear her away though, Dawn is the perfect person to have watching the store. She tracks POs, pays the bills, keeps the office supplied and functioning, double and triple checks everything, answers the phone, helps the guys in the field, keeps totally paperless files (she and Lynsey are in cahoots)…and leaves her desk spotless every day. What more could you ask? Now we can’t remember what we did without her.



Meet The Bluefield Builders Team, Lake Norman, NC

Marie is the other friendly face you’ll see at our model home. She loves to showcase the model, walking through features and options in real time, and is happy to engage in discussions of the latest trends in new home design. Marie is intuitive and responsive, a good listener with some great ideas of her own, who works hard to understand what new homeowners are really looking for.

Marie has a background in sales, administration, and customer relations. She studied to be a paralegal at school and is a true crime junkie – a natural sleuth who will research anything ad infinitum. A mother of seven (no typo!) – two daughters and five bonus sons – Marie is not easily ruffled…but she does like the calm and quiet at the model, and is more than happy to cover for Michael on his days off. It’s a welcome break from the school runs…