Linda and Bud have built a home reminiscent of their beloved Florida in the Verdict Ridge neighborhood in Denver. They took inspiration from Arthur Rutenberg’s Camden plan, incorporating a unique twist to make it their own. The couple has settled in to their gorgeous home after having been established there for a year this May.

unspecified-6Bud gave Linda full rein of the home design decisions, trusting in her proven ability to coordinate, claiming that her careful attention to detail was such that she could “paint the room in a ball gown”.

She threw a curve ball at the design studio, asking for golds in her design when silvers and matte nickels were trending. Working together as a team, Linda and the Arthur Rutenberg Design

unspecified-7Studio found coordinating fixtures and accents that meshed with her unique furniture. The seasoned designers welcomed the challenge, feeling excited by the change of pace. Becoming a designer had always been a dream of Linda’s, and putting together her new home gave her an outlet to express herself.


“I’m just not a neutral person at heart,” she said, reminiscing about her high school days when she would dye her shoes to match her dresses.

She based her entire plan around a rug she adored. A tiger print pattern, wrought in black and gold hues. Coordinating her design choices with the rug kept her on point throughout the process, whereas not having that guideline may have left her overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available options.

unspecified-1Linda surprised the builders when she asked for black appliances to coordinate with the cotton-colored cabinetry and distressed cupboards. Staying true to her home theme, she strayed from the more popular stainless steel upgrades, keeping the style consistent as well as functional. As you can see from the photos, the results are stunning.


Having raised five children, Linda is used to cooking in bulk. She loves making Mexican-style cuisine and accommodates her large variety of spices with two pullout spice racks, one on each side of the stove. The kitchen island offers room for her to prepare large meals when she entertains, listening to her favorite music through the built-in sound system found in many of the rooms.

Linda and Bud love entertaining their guests, and have created an outdoor area that caters to this. The outdoor space is accommodating for any season with heaters that warm the space and ceiling fans that offer a real southern feel and make outdoor lounging more comfortable in warmer weather.

unspecified-12Keeping to true Florida-inspired style, Linda’s outdoor oasis includes a swimming pool. The deep end goes down 9 feet for those looking for a good dip and there is a tanning ledge that is perfect for soaking feet and lounging beneath a shady umbrella. She can also choose from an array of lighting colors to decorate her pool area, perfect for holidays like the fourth of July where she can fly the red, white, and blue theme.

She felt at ease with the professionalism and experience of our builders, praising David on his helpful attitude and appreciating her good relationship with Tom and Sara throughout the process. She said she was always able to ask questions when she needed guidance, and loved the collaborative process of designer, builder, and homeowner.

Every room offers aesthetically pleasing themes for a bold cohesion that is unrivaled in the trending neutral scene. This custom home in Verdict Ridge truly is a work of art.unspecified-11

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