Bluefield Builders Tree Protection Program

‘Saw one, save one‘ – our custom home tree protection program

Bluefield Builders has an environmental program that is unique to the custom homebuilding industry. Building our homes in a way that is not destructive to nature is core to who we are as people and as a business.

Bluefield Builders Tree Protection Program







Lake Norman, NC

Many of our homeowners have beautiful wooded lots perhaps on the lake front or in countryside that will have a house on them for the first time and require trees to be taken down. While this is often necessary to build our homes, it doesn’t always feel good to us or our buyers.

So to address this, for every tree we cut down on your lot to build your house, we protect a tree in one of the world’s critical rainforests through a forest conservation program.

Bluefield Builders Tree Protection Program

Cordillera Azul National Park, Peru

This work is fighting deforestation in some of the oldest and most valuable forests in the world. The forests of the Cordillera Azul National Park in Peru that your home supports are a stunning and critical piece of the Amazon rainforest, that:

  • Provides habitat to endangered and rare species like the Spectacled Bear (the real life Paddington Bear), and where new species are discovered every year
  • Filters clean air for the world…did you know that one in five breaths is produced in the Amazon?
  • Empowers local and indigenous communities and women through sustainable development

We believe that a home is beautiful and high quality not only when the design is right, but when the build is right, for you and the planet.

This is why when we saw one tree down, we save one.

Learn more about the forest ecosystem and community in Peruvian Amazon that your home has helped to support here

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