Chapter 10 Exterior – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina


In this chapter, we discuss everything that goes on the outside of the house. This includes siding and stone, brick or stucco , driveways, paths, steps, lighting and landscaping.

The first part of the exterior work is the trim – window trim, columns, siding, soffits and fascia and any architectural details such cedar corbels. When this boxing and siding is complete, the house can be painted – a painstaking job preceded by caulking, weatherproofing and checking that we put the correct color on the house! Wood door customNext in line is masonry – it’s important to get this sequence right to make sure no paint is dripped or sprayed onto brick or stone. Masonry is another skilled trade involving a high level of craftsmanship and takes quite some time. When all of the sills, stone, steps and other elements have been tied together, we can hang exterior light fixtures and install garage doors, which happens right at the end of the build to make sure we don’t damage them.

Franklin 1412F Home Plan - D

Almost there. Pouring the concrete driveway is always exciting – we have to get the layout absolutely correct before we pour so that the driveway slopes away from the house for drainage and the paths are in the correct location. The weather can’t be too cold or the concrete won’t dry and it can’t rain or we will have splodges everywhere. And the last step is the landscaping – grading for sod or grass, planter beds, trees and shrubs. Overnight the house turns from a building site into a home.

Next up we talk about Touch Ups and Move In, our Final Chapter!

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