Custom Home Countertops and Ceramic Tile Installation

The cabinets are all but complete, the walls are smooth and the showers are ready to be waterproofed in preparation for some stunning designs. This phase in a custom home covers the installation of ceramic tile and countertops.

Chapter 7 Ceramic Countertops & Tile - Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

The countertops are manufactured by a vendor to the specifications of our client, delivered, and then installed. This is where you see those gorgeous granite slabs being put to good use – it takes more than one strong delivery guy to carry these in and set them in place! In addition to the countertops, the vendors also install the sinks and backsplashes in our custom homes, ensuring a seamless integration.

Custom Home Ceramic Tile Installation and Waterproofing

The ceramic tile is generally applied to the floor first in our custom homes at Lake Norman. Once the tiles have been placed using a tile adhesive, we wait for them to dry and then apply the grout to the cracks between each.

Tile on the wall for showers, backsplashes, walls, etc. is done once the flooring is complete.

Chapter 7 Ceramic Countertops & Tile - Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

For obvious reasons, the showers and bathtub areas need to be waterproofed before the tiles are applied. Once this is done, we apply the tiles, sticking them to the wall in the specified pattern using a tile adhesive.

The custom home is looking more put together by the day.

Next up we talk about Final Trim!

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