Chapter 8 Final Trim – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

The Installation of Final Trim

Welcome back, this phase of custom home building is really exciting because we start to see the final fixtures and the home have less of that construction feel and more of a home vibe.

Aesthetically, this phase is gorgeous. We start off by installing shower doors, as Tom mentions in the video, “We have really nice shower doors.”

These custom home items are installed towards the very end for fear of them being damaged during the process, we want to make sure they are as flawless as the day we brought them in. The gentlemen that install the shower doors also install the mirrors, this task can be tricky as some of our mirrors are quite large, especially in bathrooms and closets.

The next step is to install all of the bathroom and door hardware. This includes things like the towel rings, towel bars, toilet paper holders, door knobs, locks, and more.

The bathroom gets the lion’s share of attention in this phase as things like the plumbing fixtures and hardware are installed. The hardware includes items like towel rings, towel bars, and all door hardware. This includes locks and doorknobs for all doors throughout the house.

The next step in the custom home building process is the installation of plumbing related hardware, this includes hooking up faucets, showerheads, water heaters, bathtubs, and more.

Another important step in this phase is installations performed by electricians. These include outlet installation, switches, under-cabinet lights, most appliances (microwave ovens included) and more. Let’s not also forget about lights, another job for the electricians. Canned lights, ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights, appliances – microwave, ovens.  pumps, furnace, air conditioners, door bells, thermostats and that’s just to name a few!


One of the most exciting steps in this custom home building phase is the painting. It is pretty self- explanatory, but a crew of painters comes in and primes the walls. Then, based on the specifications of the client, they paint. This is one of those skills that everyone secretly believes they have, but truly there is a specific method to getting that gorgeous end result.

This phase really starts to bring together all of the odds and ends in the home building process.

Next up we talk about Flooring for a custom home!

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