Custom Home Foundation

After your lot has been cleared and prepped, it is time to start the foundation of your soon-to-be beautiful custom home!

The first part is the footing which is basically a concrete trench laid out by our surveyors built with structural steel. It is inspected and then filled with concrete. It is important to be accurate as it holds the entire house!

Once the footings are poured the mason will come out and set the concrete block which is laid out on top of the footings and then surveyed by our surveyors. That is a process called pinning which accurately lays out the size of the foundation on the footings. The foundation holds the anchor bolts which hold the framing down into the foundation. The concrete posts, called piers, are in place to hold the framing and provide bearings for everything that goes on top.

The next step after the foundation is completed is for the exterior to be waterproofed. It consists of two parts: the black tar and then the foundation drain called a ribbon drain, which sits on top of the footing. Should any water accumulate around the base of the foundation, the ribbon drain will carry it out to the backyard away from the house.

Foundation for a custom homeThe final step is to backfill the excavated dirt against the foundation, and then smooth out the crawl space with fine gravel which is called screenings. Now we are ready for framing!

Stay tuned for the next installment in our How to Build a Custom Home series.

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