Chapter 3 Framing – Building a Custom Home in North Carolina

Custom Home Framing

This part is quite exciting because you can start to see the home take shape! You can imagine what the rooms will look like and start to picture the finishes you have chosen.

There are two sets of plans used to build a house. There are the architectural plans which show the layout of the house such as walls, ceilings, cabinets and electrical. Then there is a set of plans developed by our structural engineer that tell us how to build the structural carrying features of the house such as beams, posts, and floors. This keeps our buyers’ safety in mind and makes sure the building code is met.

Framing a custom homeFraming takes approximately 3-4 weeks. We work up from the floor to the ceiling, get the roof on and then come back inside to start on the details such as dropped ceilings and the fireplace.  As builders, we look for accuracy against the plans and to make sure any buyer changes haven’t been missed. We check the measurements of the doors, windows, and rooms as well as for any split lumber or squeaks in the floor.

Your custom home is coming to life!


Stay tuned for our next step in our Building a Custom Home series – mechanical, which is your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.

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