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Our building company president, Doug Durrant, was hand-selected to join Arthur Rutenberg’s esteemed family of builders based on his commitment to outstanding homebuilding for the last 25 years. Deb Durrant heads up Sales & Marketing. She brings warmth, exceptional customer service, and understanding to the Design & Build process.


Local and National Star Power – The innovation, design, and buying power that comes from being part of a network of small local home builders. The attention to detail, and dedicated service of a local, custom builder. Building with Arthur Rutenberg Home offers the best of both worlds to our customers: you benefit from the legendary history, and incomparable company values established by Art Rutenberg himself, over 60 years ago; while enjoying a wealth of local knowledge and exceptional personal service from you local builder. Whether you choose from one of our hundreds of award-winning floor plans, or bring us a unique idea of your own, there is no company better prepared to turn your ideas into reality.

You Dream, We Build!