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For the month of January, Blue Ocean Luxury Homes (BOLH) is issuing a new marketing campaign. First, we published a piece on one of our Vendors, Dick Hayes Tile and Marble. This week, we decided to highlight a particular construction practice we adhere to in the Lowcountry. That is our use of the QuickTie system.

There are many factors that play a part when building a house. Different Builders have various preferences, and this post is not to diminish any of their personal choices. If a Builder chooses not to use the QuickTie System, they have all the right in the world. However, let me explain why every single one of our homes has this product.

A lot of the information used in this article can be found on the QuickTie website, which I’ll include a link here: http://quicktieproducts.com. Please feel free to peruse said website to gain more information on how this product works.

Our practice as a home builder, and the practice you’ll find most common in the Lowcountry, is to build a home with a frame build, rather than block. This Quick Tie System is specific to wood framing. In regards to what the Quick Tie System is, it provides an answer to an extremely valid wood framing situation; i.e., the issue with severe weather, such as hurricanes and strong wind. It was a common belief in the Lowcountry that we were rather immune to the major storms that creep up the coast of Florida. However, that belief was questioned in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew made its debut in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC. In 2017, we were again surprised at the announcement that Hurricane Irma could pose a very real threat. It is proven that QuickTie “manufactures and distributes the most effective wood frame and CMU structural tie-down system in the United States . . .” (website, homepage).

In the Lowcountry, we reside in a wind-zone comparable to North Florida. This is a 140-mph wind zone. That is nearly a category five hurricane. In this zone, catastrophic damage can occur if you are not well prepared. This cable tie down system is an arguable answer.

The way the QuickTie works is the way the galvanized wire rope cable is threaded through studs in the walls of your home. Each wire rope acts as an anchor, being epoxied into a field drilled hole in the concrete foundation. A plate, washer, and nut are used to then fasten the cable to the top plate of the frame. When this is done correctly, this anchor provides a continuous load path for pressure against the top plate, and sends it directly into the foundation, essentially keeping your roof in place and not flying down the street into your neighbor’s yard.

Each cable is of a different thickness due to pressurized weight capacity. These different cables are strategically placed at select points in the structural framework of your home to provide optimal tie-down strength. Your home is first built digitally and run through a simulator that tests the integrity of certain positions against various wind velocities. These tests provide our engineer with hard numbers, which they will then use to decide the appropriate cable strength per location as determined by the simulator.

As a Builder, we care about the structural integrity of your home and want to do everything in our power to have it stand firmly through the storms. This QuickTie product is one of many that we use to provide this service.

If you have any more questions about how this product works, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

By Phone: (843)757-2300

By Email: rmeeks@arhomes.com


Or, you can visit the website linked to this article. The QuickTie Systems website is full of information and videos to help you have a deeper understanding of how the product works.[/fusion_text]

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