Chateau de Monceau – A real fantasy

Blue Ocean Luxury Homes is proud to announce the opening of their next Arthur Rutenberg Homes (ARH) model home. The Monceau, as the model home will be named, is located in the pristine community, Berkeley Hall, just off the stunning third fairway of the Tom Fazio North Course. Tucked behind some trees is our French-Country inspired cottage. So aptly named, the Monceau model home strongly derives its influence from the French culture and from a little western park in Paris, France: Le Parc Monceau.

But why? What makes this park so intriguing to visit? And how does that intrigue influence and relate to a simple model home? What aspects of this model home make it unique to the public eye to the point of never wanting to leave, or at least take a portion of the experience with them when they do? To answer this question, let me take you on a journey to a few hundred years ago.

Picture it: it’s 1778, you are an energetic, French Duke of Chartres, cousin to King Louis XVI, splendidly wealthy, energetic in politics and society, and find yourself in possession of a plot of land in western Paris with high hopes and dreams of creating a masterpiece. This is where Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans found himself that very year.

Chateau de Monceau - A real fantasy

Portrait of Louis Philippe d’Orléans, future Duke of Orléans (1747-1793) ceremonial robes of the Order of the Holy Spirit. *Not a full representation of the full portrait.*

Known for his very Liberal ideology, Philippe d’Orléans led a life sought after uniting every soul together onto a common ground. Though he is known for several other factors, it is this attribute that I would like to focus on, as it rings entirely true in his desire to use that plot of land in western Paris and create one of the most famous public parks in Paris, known as Parc Monceau.  He immediately employed the painter Louis Carrogis Carmontelle to design the gardens—a smart choice, as Carmontelle was very inventive and revolutionary in his artistic styles, as shown in his 1763 piece Leopold Mozart.

Carmontelle wanted to present a series of fantastic scenes designed “to unite in one garden all places and all times” (Monique Mosser, pg. 151). Any who have viewed the park can attest that this statement became a reality. The gardens in Parc Monceau are now well known for their diverse cultural charm, a concept somewhat foreign to 18th century Paris. Influences such as Anglo-Chinese, English, Egyptian, Roman, Dutch, and even Gothic themes can be found throughout the grounds. The natural progression of the park’s informal layout was also quite unique, as it disrupted the tradition into curved walkways and randomly placed statues. In all, Parc Monceau brought many new design features into the Parisian culture.

In regards to his designs, Carmontelle said “

[The park] is simply a fantasy, to have an extraordinary garden, a pure amusement, and not at all a desire to mimic a nation which, when it makes a ‘natural’ garden, uses a roller on all the greens and spoils nature” (Jarrassé, Grammaire des Jardins Parisiens, pg. 78). An interesting comment from the artist, but innovative in nature. Parc Monceau brought something new to the Parisian people, and it is this characteristic that Blue Ocean Luxury Homes will bring into the Lowcountry.

Design, craftsmanship, service, and responsibility are the four cornerstones of the foundation for every Arthur Rutenberg home. While these concepts are not unique and you can certainly find them with other builders, the Monceau model home exudes these qualities in its own light, as does every other structure with the ARH logo on it.

Just like the Parc Monceau, our Monceau model home is also known for its diverse charm. It is our own fantasy. Each room is its own unique garden, taking its inspirations from various sources, most especially the lovely Lowcountry.

Chateau de Monceau - A real fantasy

While walking up to the home, you are immediately introduced to French-inspired themes; steep roof pitches, scattered arches, natural colorings, and the stone tower entry. The feeling lingers as you cross the threshold and into the home-centered foyer. Here, there are three instant lines of sight into various corners of the home, making the home feel much larger than it appears to be from the outside. The rear of the home has a much larger glass-to-wall ratio, bringing in a vast amount of natural light, with stunning sights of the pristine Fazio North Course.

Walking into the Monceau’s open floorplan, the Great Room, Kitchen, Casual Dining, Lanai, and Cabana all flow as one in a stunning array of uninterrupted space. A cathedral style vaulted ceiling spans from the fireplace in the Great Room to the exposed hood in the Kitchen. Here the designers brought in decorative cables, gaining their influence from the famous

Pinewood Estates at Bok Tower. These cables correlate well with the exposed beams lining the ceiling. To complete the room, a stone surround on the fireplace is mirrored across the room as the Kitchen backsplash.


As you continue to walk through the home, you will find many more unique features. The designers’ goals were to have the French Country meet the Lowcountry in a stunning, new fashion, but we invite you to be the true judge of that.

The Monceau model home’s Grand Opening is being held on the 24th of March. We invite everyone to come visit the Monceau and tour its gardens while enjoying drinks and foods. Immerse yourself in its culture and see how you feel when gazing upon its walls. Can you smell the Parisian lilies? Can you imagine the French Court, tailored in the 18th-century styles, making themselves merry on the Lanai with a bottle of 1787 Château Margaux, and pondering their next round of golf? Let your imagination soar and you will be delighted with your stay.

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