Relocating to Mt Pleasant or Daniel Island SC

New Custom Home KeysMoving into a new custom home a can be a very exciting time in your life but along with the excitement there may be some anxiety of the long list of things that need to be accomplished to complete the transition. Packing up your old home can be the most daunting task as many of us accumulate many more possessions than we realize. But in addition to packing you may need to setup new accounts with utility companies, register your children at new schools, have your mail forwarded, and so forth. To assist in making your move to Mt. Pleasant or Daniel Island as smooth as possible we have put together some tips and links that we hope you will find helpful.

Packing Up Your Old Home

Moving is a great time to get rid of items that you may no longer want or need in your home. You may even find that you have enough items to get rid of that you can hold a yard sale and make a little extra cash to buy new items to decorate your brand new home. A few months before you plan to move to your new home start cleaning out your closets. Organize your items into those that you want to sale, give away, or throw away. Go ahead and also take this time to pack up items that you know you will not need until you move such as holiday decorations or out of season clothing. As you pack try to only pack items from one room in each box and make sure to label each box with a short description of what is inside as well as what room it should go in at your new home. Also use smaller boxes for heavy or fragile items such as books or dishes so that they are easier to lift and move around. If you have some extra room in your old home you may want to designate one place to keep all of the packed up boxes so that you don’t have to live amongst the packed up boxes in the final weeks before your move to your new home. This will also help you visually identify what you have left to pack. Once you get to packing the items you use the most you may also want to label these boxes with a color code or a star for you or your movers to easily identify that these boxes should be unloaded so that they are set apart from the rest. This way once you move into your Mt Pleasant or Daniel Island home you can easily find these boxes to unpack first and have all of your essentials ready for your first few days in your new home.

Mt Pleasant and Daniel Island Utilities

Mt Pleasant and Daniel Island Schools

Mt Pleasant residents are a part of the Charleston County School District.  The Charleston County School District offers many different educational opportunities for students including magnet and charter schools.  To find out more information about the options for your child visit the Charleston County School District School Choice page.  There are also many private schools in Mt Pleasant.  Visit the Great Schools directory to view a list of some of the private schools in Mt Pleasant.

Daniel Island residents are a part of the Berkeley County School District.  The Daniel Island School is the public elementary and middle school available to Daniel Island residents.  Hanahan High School, located approximately 10 minutes from Daniel Island, is the public high school but there is also a private high school, Bishop England High School, that is located on Daniel Island.  To view the many additional private schools in Charleston, visit the Great Schools directory.

Feeling at Home in Mt Pleasant or Daniel Island

We, at Coastal Premier Homes, are so glad that you have decided on the Lowcountry for your new home.  We know that you will fall in love with Charleston just like we have.  If there is anything we can do to assist you in moving into your new Mt Pleasant or Daniel Island custom home, please let us know.  Our customer concierge is available via phone at (843)492-5938  or email at