Ernie Lashlee
Ernie LashleePresident
Raised in Europe during his youth, gave Ernie a real appreciation for European Classical architecture design and help to shape his career path. Ernie has been with Arthur Rutenberg Homes for over 35 years. He is very much involved with all aspects of Custom Craft Homes overseeing and checking each area to be sure that our customers are getting the home that they envision.
Ernie’s education is a BA in Architecture. His hobbies include automobiles, racing and loves to travel.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes is fortunate to have Ernie, an in-house architect, leading this most successful company.

Stuart Sierra
Stuart SierraFranchisee
Stuart has been in the business of building both commercial, development and residential all his life. He is a top-notch businessman and knows the value of a dedicated team which is why his retention of them is so long. Customers are his #1 concern and makes it his goal to listen to them so we can grow as a superior team and evolve into a top-notch business.
Stuart is an avid aviator and golfer. He also loves to spend his summers in the mountains of North Carolina with his family.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes is fortunate to have a Franchisee with such vast knowledge of the business, and a reputation for setting high standards in the industry.

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Your Local Team

Our local custom home professionals are here in your community and we look forward to working with you create your custom dream home.
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Our Valuable Team Members

JAN DANNELLEYAccounting Manager
Jan has been with Custom Craft since the inception and Arthur Rutenberg Homes for over 30 years. Some of her duties are accounts payable, accounts receivable, appropriating invoicing, vendor liaison, and more. She is a valued employee and is always willing to do what is necessary to elevate and maintain the status of Arthur Rutenberg Homes.
Jan’s education consists of business and cosmetology. Her personal interests are in antiquing, decorating and sports. Each year, Jan will decorate her office with seasonal decorations which puts us all in the mood for the holidays.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes appreciates her team effort and camaraderie.

JIM DOOLINConstruction Manager
Jim has been overseeing the building of Arthur Rutenberg Homes of over 30 years. He started in the business as a finisher and we were so impressed with his skill set and willingness to do what it took to get the job done that we placed him in our warranty department. From that point, he went onto be a superintendent. Jim has a way of making his co-workers, vendors and clientele feel comfortable with him has a team member.
His work history is with the building industry. He loves to play the guitar and to go to rock concerts. Boating and fishing are also some of his favorite ways to relax and enjoy life. A true family man, he is very much involved with his two sons and their sports as well.

Jim is a pleasure to work with for both Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes and our clients.

JOHN PERKOWSKIConstruction Manager
John has been overseeing the building of Arthur Rutenberg Homes of over a quarter of a century. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen in the home building industry. His satisfaction comes when a customer tells him how much they love their new home. A lot of his success is complemented by his organizational skills which is some of the best in the business. He merges his personal goal with his work ethic of quality work with an end result of customer and personal satisfaction.
His education is with the building industry. Other interests are fishing, reading, golfing and sporting events.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes and our clients are in good hands with John.

KIM ZINERCOIndependent Sales Consultant
Kim is a New York Pharmacist that fell in love with the Florida for its warmer weather. She began investing in the area to work her way down here which she finally accomplished in 2012. Real Estate has always been in her blood and she decided to make a career out of it. She loves the business as evident in her warm and caring attitude with our customers.
Kim’s education is in the healthcare and real estate industry. Her past time is filled with her family, investing, and business owner of FishHawk Pizza.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes is happy to have her on board.

LINDA WERNICKEIndependent Sales Consultant
Linda is an asset to the Real Estate industry. She has had many years of experience with developers and various custom builders in the Tampa Bay area. She is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Our clients all appreciate Linda’s kindness, integrity and thoughtfulness in all business dealings with our clients, team members, team leaders and lenders. Linda made “Top Club” membership in her 2nd year with Arthur Rutenberg Homes and was also was awarded top sales person of the month with over $4,ooo,ooo in sales.
Her work history is in owning her own administrative company and real estate in terms of custom building. Linda’s pass time includes, reading, meeting up with friends for dinner and movies and taking long walks.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes cherish Linda as a friend and comrade.

WYNN BRIENNENOffice/Warranty Administrator
Wynn originally started with Sierra Building Company before she joined the Custom Craft Homes/Arthur Rutenberg team. She enjoys working with a company “where everyone is valued”. Her position with Custom Craft gives her the opportunity to work with our clients through the pre-closing and closing of their home. After the closing, she has the opportunity to continue working with our clients during the warranty time period. She takes pride in her work and is beneficial source with Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft and our clients.
Her education lies with the real estate industry and healthcare. Of course, her true love is for her grandchildren. Other interests are reading, music, crafts and cooking.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes/Custom Craft Homes is proud to have Wynn on board.

TREZ THOMPSONArchitectural Designer
Everybody loves Trez, our customers, vendors, team members and management. Always ready and willing to assist anyway he can to make a process easier. His personal goal is to develop homes that stand out above the rest. He has been with Arthur Rutenberg Homes for over a quarter of a century and has designed the homes for our clients and Custom Craft inventory homes.
His education and work experience have been in designing of homes. Some of his interest is architectural designs of larger homes, i.e. the Biltmore home in North Carolina and sports.

Trez has a wealth of knowledge in the business and is an asset to our company.