The trend for families to be more environmentally friendly in all aspects of their lives shows no signs of slowing down, and people are always looking for new ways to incorporate eco-awareness into every aspect of their lives. Today, it’s easier than ever to include environmentally friendly elements in your custom home, and more homeowners are adding these elements to their floor plans from the start of the design process.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, a luxury custom homebuilder serving the Middle Tennessee area, we work with lots of clients who want to include features in their homes that are easy on the environment. From energy-efficient fixtures, to recycled and chemical-free décor, there are lots of options on the market that will not only make your home as eco-friendly as possible, but help you create an inviting, comfortable living space. Here are just a few popular environmentally friendly trends.

  • Automated controls: Giving you the ability to control everything from the thermostat and lights, to the security system, electronics, and gadgets, with just a tap on your smartphone or tablet, today’s automated controls are both energy efficient and an extra safety measure. Worried you left the lights on or the thermostat up too high? You can check it from anywhere.
  • Natural light: Lots of windows are one of the hallmarks of Arthur Rutenberg Homes design, and it’s a common request from homeowners these days. Large windows make rooms feel bigger and more open, and limit the need for electric lighting during the day.
  • Green features: Today’s market includes a wide range of sustainable materials to include in your home, from low-VOC paint to green carpets, countertops, and adhesives.
  • Handmade elements: Homeowners love to incorporate decorative elements hand-crafted by artisans. Many options are even made from reclaimed and natural materials, lending an additional eco-friendly touch to the home.
  • Energy efficiency: No longer is it difficult to find appliances, fixtures, and building materials that save water and electricity. From toilets and sinks that recycle water, to high-efficiency furnaces and improved insulation, to solar panels integrated right into your roof, it’s easy to build an attractive home that works hard to take care of your family and the environment.

When you design a custom home, it’s so easy to incorporate all of these environmentally friendly trends into a home that you can enjoy for decades. Contact Arthur Rutenberg Homes today to get started designing your family’s dream home.