Large Kitchens, High-End Appliances Big on Buyers’ Lists

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and today’s home design trends are reflecting that saying more than ever.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, a custom homebuilder in Hendersonville, we’ve seen an influx of customers interested in large, open kitchens that are just perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Whereas for a long time, many people just viewed their homes as a place to store their things, eat, and sleep, today’s families are making the shift back toward wanting comfortable spaces that they can enjoy. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for families designing a custom home in Middle Tennessee is a desire for a large, open kitchen, with high-end, efficient appliances.

Not so long ago, homes most commonly had kitchens that were separated by a wall or otherwise disconnected from the other living and entertaining areas of the home. But today, homeowners want to be able to visit with their family members, or with guests, while preparing food. There might be a bar where people can sit and enjoy appetizers or a drink while dinner is being prepared. There might be an alcove or space for kids to play with toys or draw. And most kitchen areas also have a connected dining area, or a “great room” that extends into a living space with couches, a fireplace, and a television.

With people entertaining more at home, the need for good appliances has also skyrocketed. Families are including large capacity refrigerators and freezers, high-tech, efficient convection ovens, and other appliances that make cooking easier and will last for a long time.

And kitchen design is getting sleeker. Instead of rich granite elements, heavy cabinets, and dark wood or tile floors, families are often looking to include lighter woods and more earth tones in the décor, with smoother, lighter lines on all the fixtures and appliances.

There’s no doubt that the kitchen has become more central to the home than ever before. If these kitchen elements sound like something you want to include in your custom home design, contact Arthur Rutenberg Homes today to get started.


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