What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

One of the most exciting things about designing a custom home is that you get to choose every detail, from the layout of every room, down to the color of your front door.

Our customers meet with our interior designers for a color session when they’re designing their custom homes in Hendersonville. There are many different options for materials, colors, and finishes within your home, and it can be a big decision to choose the right elements for your dream home.

Color experts say your front door is a good opportunity to give visitors an impression of the personalities behind the door – so it’s important to pick a color that will not only fit well with the rest of your color schemes, but be a good reflection of your family’s personality.

Here are some of the popular colors for front doors and what they each convey to people who see them:

  • Red: indicates you’re not afraid of standing out, and in fact that you want attention.
  • Orange: suggests an extroverted homeowner who loves to entertain and take on new challenges.
  • Yellow: you’re likely to be a leader or organizer. You’re probably very positive, and logical yet creative.
  • Green: green doors indicate that you care about your home, your community, and your values. You place a high emphasis on relationships.
  • Blue: you are probably pretty easygoing and peaceful. You’re probably well-grounded and value truth.
  • Purple: you may belong to a family of “free spirits.” You’re likely comfortable taking risks, and thinking outside the box, but have a deep need for emotional security.
  • White: like the crispness of your favorite white shirt, using this color on your front door indicates that you are interested in cleanliness and organization.
  • Black: you’re timeless and conservative, and don’t pay attention to trends. You like order and simple elegance.

And remember, you can go as bright or as muted as you’d like, with whichever color you pick for your home. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we will help you choose the right color for every part of your home, even the front door – and if you change your mind, you can always paint it!


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