8 New Home Furnishings that Pull Double-Duty in Style

Families are choosing multi-functional spaces in their custom home designs today, so it comes as no surprise that furniture and other décor that can pull double-duty is all the rage too.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we’re always keeping an eye on the trends that our customers might want to include in their custom homes in Middle Tennessee. We found this Houzz article to be particularly interesting. Check out some of the cool furniture you might want to use in decorating your new custom home.

Prostoria’s Revolve Sofa Bed: Want to have some extra sleeping space for guests, without sacrificing sleek, modern design? This bed is more grown-up and design-friendly than a futon, and easier to transition and more comfortable than a pull-out sofa. Simply use the handle to pull the sofa’s back over the seat and create a comfy foam bed.
Moment Chair: Want a chair that easily transitions from work time to relaxing time? The comfortable Moment Chair comes with a tray that can be repositioned to give you a work or dining space, or provide a spot to place your coffee while you read.
Flip Spisebord Table: Anything that makes organization easier is an excellent addition to your custom home, and this unique table/desk is no different. Flip, slide, and pull out the various compartments hidden within the table to make it easy to store your stuff and still have room to work on top of it.
Paq Unzipping Chair Bed: Perfect for the kids rooms, this cool piece of furniture is a comfortable armchair when it’s zipped up and rolled around its base, and unzips to create an extra sleeping space. Pick a couple of bright colors and keep them around for sleepovers or unexpected guests.
Ese Flipping Rocking Chair: Want a piece that will be a conversation starter, versatile enough to change with your décor, and provide an extra seating space? Pick this “S”-shaped rocking chair that can be flipped to show one of two colors.
Sensei Locking Chairs/Table: Flip these sleek, minimalist chairs on their side and lock them together to create an extra table space, with a unique design touch.
Verena Lang Picture Table: Add some visual interest to your walls and in the process, create extra seating space for a big family with this unique picture frame that folds down from the wall to create a dining table.
Flatfish 1.2 Convertible Chair: You can really never have too much table space or seating space. Add an extra piece of both with this chair that easily folds into a table.

There are plenty of ways to add versatile elements into the design of your home itself, too. Talk to a custom homebuilder like Arthur Rutenberg Homes today about all of the options available to you in home design.

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