What are some of the things you want your custom home in Hendersonville to include? If you’re like many homebuyers in Middle Tennessee, you’re probably thinking a deck big enough to enjoy and entertain on is a key element.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we have found more people interested in the trend of a nice, big deck with plenty of places to relax, entertain, and even cook. In our new model home in Gallatin, we included an example of a popular style of covered porch, or lanai, complete with a fire pit, built-in grill, and fireplace.

So what’s the best deck for your custom home? Consider some of the current trends:

  • Bigger decks: If you’re like most families building custom homes, you want more than just enough space for a grill and a set of patio furniture. Today’s decks may be multi-level, and even have walls to provide privacy or section off different “rooms.” They may also include built-in seating and planters to create a lush landscape.
  • Lighting: Fire pits and fireplaces are commonplace on modern decks. But don’t think your lighting options are limited to that, a few candles or tiki torches, or a string of plug-in lights. No, custom homebuilders like Arthur Rutenberg Homes are also designing sophisticated lighting for a deck, allowing you to illuminate your outdoor entertaining area according to the mood.
  • Full kitchens: Want to whip up a gourmet meal while your steaks sizzle on the grill? You can have an entirely functional kitchen in your outdoor space, from a refrigerator and other storage, to countertops and sinks.
  • Entertainment: Whether it’s an outdoor television, a hot tub or pool, or a fountain, families are turning their decks into places to enjoy time together in the great outdoors.

Would you like to add some of these elements into your custom home design? Talk to Arthur Rutenberg Homes today about all the options to build the perfect deck for entertaining.