Does Your Custom Hendersonville Home Need Multiple Master Suites?

As the American family changes, so too do family homes. These days, it’s not uncommon for families to have multiple generations living under one roof – with grown children often coming back home after college and aging parents moving in with their adult children.

For that reason, custom homebuilders are keeping an eye on trends like multiple master suites. Having more than one master bedroom makes it easy for multigenerational families to decide where to sleep. It’s not uncommon to put one of these suites on the ground floor of the home, so that older ones don’t have to worry about climbing up and down stairs to get to their bedroom.

So do you need multiple master suites in your custom Hendersonville home? Only you can decide which features will best suit your family’s needs, but consider these factors to help you make the right decision:

  • How much space you want: Master suites are generally considered the best bedroom in the house because they have en-suite bathrooms and large, walk-in closets. No matter which family members will be living in your home, if you think the space a second or even third master suite provides would be useful, consider adding it to your home design.
  • How your living arrangements might evolve: Even if you prefer your master bedroom upstairs now, you might not always want to have to climb the stairs. In this case, it might be best to include a second master suite on the ground floor. This could also be used if your aging parents need to move in. And if you take the ground floor bedroom, an upstairs bedroom could be used by a grown child and his or her spouse, or for frequent house guests.

If you’re interested in including more than one master suite to your custom Middle Tennessee home, contact Arthur Rutenberg Homes today. We’ll help you design the perfect home for your family’s needs.


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