Bigger, Better Closets an Emerging Trend for Nashville Custom Homes

They say home is where the heart is – and for a growing number of Middle Tennessee residents, that means seeking solutions to tailor every aspect of their custom home to fit their lifestyles.

The latest trend? Building bigger closets.

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we’ve seen that larger closets, or “dressing rooms” in some cases, are becoming focal points of new construction. The same trend is growing in custom homes in Nashville and Hendersonville.

If you’re looking for bigger and better – chances are that these closets have it. They’re part form and part function, featuring everything from lighted shoe racks and built-in makeup vanities to small lounge areas and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. They are a far cry from the dark, cramped spaces where you used to store old gear.

Five benefits of larger closets:

1) High-degree of customization – A hands-on process enables homeowners to put their personal touches on bigger closets that meet their needs – from supreme storage for the outdoors enthusiast to wardrobe solutions for families.

2) Steps toward an organized life– An organized home is a big step toward an organized life. For most people, a small closet isn’t going to cut it. Larger closets offer more ways to maximize storage opportunities for the clutter-free bedroom –and home – you’ve always wanted.

3) Enhancing assets – Closets shouldn’t be best-kept secrets. They’re now assets to show off. In fact, closets are becoming increasingly important in re-sales, where buyers are seeking the added perks of larger storage space. A closet with a large amount of space may be the detail that pushes a sale in the right direction.

4) Modern master suites – There was a time when having an en suite bathroom was a big deal. Now master suites are so much more. Larger closets are not only essential to the modern master suite – they are becoming the norm.

5) Sound storage options– A larger closet is a step toward being more organized, but what exactly can you do to ensure everything has a place? Add drawers, cubbies, hanging organizers, rolling carts and more to maximize the organizing potential.

Learn more about bigger closet options for your custom home by contacting Arthur Rutenberg Homes.

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