3 Must Haves in Your Custom Home Kitchen

It’s long been said that “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” and it generally holds true. It’s where most of your time as a family will be spent. So it’s important that it is not only functional, but also matches the level of detail in the rest of your custom home. There are always new kitchen ideas – from décor to appliances – but what does your custom kitchen need the most?

We’ve detailed three must-haves:

1. Commercial Style Range – This is one of those appliances that any cook should have. With three to four times the BTU than a home range, it’s going to make the cook’s life easier and the food cooked faster. Plus, with all the new styles coming out, you can now choose one that will look best in your new kitchen.

2. Tray Storage Cabinet – We’ve all been there, you go to pull a tray out of a cabinet, and all the other trays and baking sheets fall on top of you. It would seem that there is never a good way to store them all. Until now. When choosing your custom cabinets, you can include a tray storage cabinet. It’s a drawer built into a cabinet with dividers already created, which makes them easy to access and easy to store.

3. Warming Drawer – Keeping food warm is one of the challenges of preparing several courses, or a variety of appetizers, when entertaining. By incorporating a warming drawer into your custom kitchen design, you don’t have to worry about food getting cold again. A convenient and useful addition, it makes cooking for large groups easier – or even just dinner for your family.

To see the full list of must-have kitchen features, check out this Better Homes and Gardens article.

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