A home is (and should be) every inch a reflection of what you love in life: a space for your family to thrive, a place to express your individuality and style, an area that is equal parts your personal sanctuary and a comfortable gathering place for those you hold dear.

So, when it comes to your new home, should you build it or buy it?

For many, years of hard work have led to this moment. Building a custom home in Nashville means you can do just about anything to make your dream home a reality. A custom home is built to your specifications –from the gourmet kitchen you always wanted for catering holiday dinners, to the radiant flooring in your bathroom to keep you toasty during the Tennessee winters.

Why might a custom home be the right choice for you?

1) You want to get it right the first time

While there are many great homes on the market, you may not have the time or the patience to complete all of the remodeling necessary to outfit an existing home the way you always imagined. You are used to a certain amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, our commitment to customization means the sky is the limit.

2) Energy efficiency and new technology are important to you

Older homes aren’t outfitted for advancements in technology. A custom build enables you to pre-wire your home for the best in audio, visual and internet-capable devices. The tech-lover in your home will be grateful!

3) Your vision is to build more than a home

If your home is truly where your heart is, then your long-term plan may be to build more than bricks and mortar. You may want to begin building a legacy – one that includes passing down a residence that is a part of your family’s traditions. The most meaningful way to do this is through a custom build where you have a say in the process.