How Long Will it Take to Build Your Custom Hendersonville Home?

So, you’ve decided to design and build a custom home on your own piece of property in Hendersonville or in a luxury community. If you’ve made the commitment to building your dream home, then we know you’re excited to get started so you can settle in. At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we do everything in our [...]

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Don’t Forget These 3 Things to Make Your Custom Hendersonville Home Plan Just Right

So you’ve decided that it’s time to design and build the perfect custom home for your family. Taking on such a big project is a huge commitment, and there are going to be pitfalls and setbacks along the way, but with a little advance planning you can minimize or even avoid many of these. The [...]

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How to Design Your Dream Custom Home in Middle Tennessee

One of the great things about building a brand-new, custom home is that you can have it built exactly to your specifications. You know exactly what your family needs and wants: how much storage space, whether you’re more in need of a formal dining room or a big family room—or both—and whether you’d rather have [...]

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Building a Home in Middle Tennessee? Don’t Skimp on Sustainability

In nearly 30 years of home building in the Hendersonville area, the Ernst brothers of Arthur Rutenberg Homes have built homes fitting a variety of specifications and budgets. They’ve seen trends come and go, but one that shows no signs of going anywhere is that of building green. Today, there are more sustainable products on [...]

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Building is Best: 5 Reasons to Pick a New Home in Hendersonville Over a Used One

Most of us spend quite a bit of time thinking about what it would be like to live in our dream home. Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about the neighborhood, the tree-shaded backyard, or the pool you want to have on a sunny deck. For more than 30 years, the Ernst brothers have been helping people in [...]

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