What Makes Building With Arthur Rutenberg Homes Different? Almost Everything.

The difference begins with our model home network. We maintain more than 40 fully furnished models to provide our customers with an abundance of information. You can walk through and experience how functional our floor plans are, and see firsthand the level of quality in the workmanship. All of the finishes shown are included in the price. And, you don’t have to try to imagine how a blueprint might translate into three dimensions; you can see it.


The model also serves as the ideal environment for learning about you and your specific wants and needs. We listen to you to get accurate idea of what you want in your new home, so we can guide you toward the right solution.

Often, identifying a plan from our collection is a good jumping-off point. We have an extensive collection of award-winning designs from which to select. And, since we’ve already covered the cost of developing these plans, you’ll enjoy considerable savings.


Walking the lot is another step that is crucial. We make sure we understand the dynamics of each lot and take all site conditions into account, so we can have an intelligent conversation about how your plan fits, and the type of foundation needed. We can also help you find a lot if you don’t already have one.

Generally, we’ll be able to identify a plan which is exactly or very close to what you want. But what if you really like one model’s floor plan, and fall in love with another model’s master suite? Or would like to move the den to the other side of the house? Or swap out that third garage space for a downstairs playroom? That’s easy.

We’ll sit with you, make notes, and send a marked-up plan to our custom design team (the same team that creates our model homes). Our team knows these plans, and understands how to adapt, modify, and fit them together seamlessly. Typically within 72 hours, you’ll have a Personalized Floor Plan (PFP) with a comprehensive, all-inclusive quote.

While our plans can be as customized as you desire, our pricing is automated, to provide you accuracy and speed. Our Rapid Quoting process will price out your entire home, down to the very last detail-in a matter of days, not weeks. Our quotes include specific model numbers and product descriptions in lieu of mysterious allowances.

But it’s not only speed that you’ll find advantageous. How we price our homes is another way we distinguish ourselves from other builders. We’ll give you our best and final price at the onset, without any negotiating effort required from you. How?

First is the power of volume pricing. Your builder is part of our large franchise organization, and our combined size allows us to achieve preferred pricing from leading manufacturers and vendors on high-quality building materials and finish items. We work to keep our margins tight not just at our level, but all the way down the supply chain.

Second is the way we share and compare prices across the company. Through our proprietary software systems, we know the lowest price being paid by any of our franchises for every item in our homes. We constantly shop for these costs, and price match to keep prices lower for everyone.

 And lastly, we don’t build in any “pads” to be negotiated out later. We give you our best price first.

Ready to buy? Not quite yet. Before you purchase, we encourage you to attend a preview session with one of our licensed interior designers. You’ll spend an hour or more in our design studio, reviewing all the options available within your quoted price range. You’ll get a wealth of information to help you understand exactly what choices are available so you can finalize your decisions. Then, after contract, our professional designers will guide you through a detailed color session to ensure you achieve that special look that will take your home to a whole new level.

furnished model

Building with Arthur Rutenberg Homes means quality of floor plans. Functionality of design. Incredible aesthetics. Professional design assistance. Solid builders. One of the best warranties in the business. Carefully controlled costs that allow us to deliver the best values in the industry.

 It all adds up to an experience that is different, and better.

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