For people with physical disabilities, most homes on the real estate market aren’t built to accommodate them.

This is why more and more people with disabilities are choosing to work with custom homes builders to build custom designed homes that are both accessible and luxurious.

According to a July 17 Wall Street Journal article, an American Institute of Architects survey recently found that about two-thirds of new luxury homes builders and architects are seeing an increase in the level of interest in accessible home designs like wide hallways, limited steps and more.

In addition, more than half of the builders surveyed reported growing interest in outdoor accessibility amenities like ramps for wheelchairs, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Today’s home buyers with disabilities aren’t looking for custom designed homes that have accessibility amenities tacked on haphazardly. They expect their amenities to be seamlessly incorporated into these custom luxury homes’ floor plans, not compromising aesthetic appeal for accessibility.

Some of these custom built homes’ attractive and accessible features include “high-end finishes that are slip-resistant; elevators and lifts integrated into cabinetry; countertops, cabinet pulls and faucet handles that are both sleek and within reach of someone who is seated,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

It’s also significantly less expensive to build custom designed homes with these features incorporated during construction than trying to retrofit a home with them later on — which makes designing one’s own home an option for disabled people of all budgets.

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