As the economy continues to bounce back from a tough recession, the housing industry is continuing to grow — especially the industry for custom built homes.

That’s because custom design homes boast a number of advantages over pre-owned houses, like the ability to design and build one’s own dream home that features the most energy-efficient building materials and appliances. Best of all? You get to choose all the design features of your new home yourself, making custom designed homes a truly personalized experience.

Wondering what people like you are choosing to do when choosing the designs of their custom homes?

Here are three of 2014’s biggest trends that you should think about incorporating into the design of your custom built homes:

Both a master and guest suite
When people build their own homes, they are increasingly choosing to add custom and easily-accessible master and guest suites that include their own bathrooms and other features. This is largely because the population is aging, and many custom home builders want to make sure their bedrooms are as accessible and comfortable as possible. Adding a similar guest suite extends these comforts to visitors and family members.

Renewable flooring materials
A large variety of different flooring choices are available for people looking to build their own custom homes — and an increasing number of these choices are renewable or sustainable in nature. For example, carpets made out of spun corn now exist — they look and feel just like a normal carpet, and are able to be disposed of naturally when their lifespan ends rather than sitting in a landfill for decades.

A green living environment
As stated before, custom built homes are extremely energy-efficient. As building codes and regulations continue to get more stringent on household energy consumption, so will your ability to save hundreds of dollars each year on energy and utility bills. With energy-efficient appliances and other materials like triple-glazed windows and insulation, you’ll be doing good for both your wallet and the environment by building your new home to be green.

Any other design tips and tricks you have to share for new custom homes builders? Share with us in the comments.