One Price, the Right Price

Our customers want to feel secure in the investment they make in their home, so it’s natural for them to want the lowest price.

A main reason customers want to negotiate is their belief that builders add a negotiating factor to their price and they are overpaying if they don’t negotiate it out.

But one of the best things about our company is that we’ll give you our best and final price right at the outset, without any negotiating effort on your part. It’s our One Price and it’s the Right Price.

We never add a negotiating factor, so there is nothing to negotiate out.

Here’s how we do it. Through our proprietary software systems, we know the lowest price being paid by any of our 30 franchises for every item in our homes. We constantly shop for these costs. Our combined size also allows us to achieve preferred pricing from leading manufacturers and vendors on high quality building materials and finish items. We work to keep our margins tight not just at our level, but all the way down the supply chain.

We invite you to shop our price on similar quality home design. If you compare us feature by feature with competition, we shine. Our base price includes more because it includes everything you see in the AC area of our model homes.*  And, our quote lists these items for your convenience.  So if you assure that your price comparison is “apples-to-apples”, we’re completely confident that our price is the Right Price.

* Decorator items such as furnishings, wallpaper, faux finishes and TV sets are not included.

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