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The Team at Rosewood Homes exceeds Customer Service expectations when building your custom home in Brevard County.  Custom home building should be a tailored experience, tailored to each individual who has a vision for their custom home.  Our team recognizes this and they are dedicated to The Process of building a custom home.

Initially, our future homeowners are our prospective buyers.  At this stage of the process they are in discovery mode.  They want to know what’s available (lots, floor plans, finishes, construction quality, etc.).  Our sales team works hand in hand with our prospects to identify their needs and then provide them with any information they need to make their purchasing decision.  And, since a custom home is a custom home, our team also works with prospects to make necessary changes to fit their individual style.

Once the home has an initial concept, the custom home building experience begins.  Plan meetings, interior design meetings, and subcontractor meetings set the ball in motion and really make the ideas become reality as the your project turns into blueprints and the construction site is prepped for building a custom home.

Our homeowners have been known to say, “We have been very impressed with the whole home buying experience through your company. As a Lexus driver I liken the experience to the difference you get with a Lexus dealer versus a GM dealer.”Customer Comment in Melbourne, FL.

And this testament couldn’t be any truer.  There is a distinct difference between building a custom home and building a tract home.  While a tract home offers options for selections, a custom home building experience is endless.  The team of individuals supporting a custom home building experience make the experience yours.  Their ability to identify homeowner’s wants and then turn those wants into reality prove that you really are building a custom home and not a tract home off a production line with slight differences from your neighbor.

Stop by one of our models and explore the quality, finishes and detail within.  You’ll be inspired…with more than just the home itself.

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