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Southern Luxury Homes, LLC

Elvin Aycock
Elvin AycockFranchisee

Delighted to represent the Arthur Rutenberg Homes brand in Lake Oconee, Southern Luxury Homes, LLC is an esteemed custom homebuilding company that believes that custom homes should be exactly tailored to your wants and needs. Southern Luxury Homes believes your custom home should reflect your personality and your tastes.

The philosophy of Southern Luxury Homes is simple: create beautiful houses that become homes, and homes that become part of the community for a lifetime. And Southern Luxury Homes does just that- through the incorporation of the newest trends and innovations combined with the utilization of the best quality materials and craftsmanship. A result of many years of experience in the building and real estate industry, the Aycock team possesses a keen eye for detail and impressive level of expertise at every phase of the process- from breaking ground to welcoming you home.

Elvin Aycock, a graduate from Mississippi State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, ran a successful Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm for many years. Building homes throughout the years, he decided to combine the Engineering and building backgrounds together to brand Arthur Rutenberg Homes at the Lake Oconee. For 16 years the Aycock team has been creating custom homes that meet and exceed the desires of their customers.

Proudly taking charge of the Arthur Rutenberg Homes Lake Oconee franchise, Elvin and his team look forward to the opportunity to bring your dream home to life.

Southern Luxury Homes has the expertise backing of Arthur Rutenberg Homes. Arthur Rutenberg spend 60 years developing and fine tuning the custom home experience for customers. This talent and expertise has been passed to each franchise with sole purpose of making custom home building an enjoyable experience for the customer.

Call Elvin at 770-316-1720 to discuss your dream custom home.