10 Reasons to Build an Arthur Rutenberg Home

At Zollinger Homes, Northeast Ohio’s exclusive Arthur Rutenberg home builder, we take your vision of a dream home and bring it to life. Whether you want to build on your own lot or choose from one of our hand-picked homesites, Zollinger Homes will guide you through our seamless homebuilding process.

From exceptional customer service to award-winning floor plans, our team is ready to build a home that truly reflects you and your family’s lifestyle. Here are the top 10 reasons you should build an Arthur Rutenberg home:


  1. Stunning Floor Plans
Zollinger Homes is NE Ohio's exclusive Arthur Rutenberg Homes builder.

Zollinger Homes is NE Ohio’s exclusive Arthur Rutenberg Homes builder.

Every home is built from a national award-winning floor plan designed
by Arthur Rutenberg Homes. With our team, you can be sure that
you’re getting the highest-quality design from the most talented team.

  1. A Smooth Process

Providing an easy, organized, and worry-free building process is important to us. Mark Zollinger focuses on fostering long-lasting relationships with all of his homebuyers and vendors, creating a homebuilding experience unlike any other builder in the area!
You will feel both calm and confident throughout the whole journey.

  1. 30+ Years of Experience

Like all major decisions, you want to assure that experience will be on your side, especially when it comes to your new home.
Rest assured,
Mark Zollinger and his team of experts have 30+ years of
expertise under their belts — they’ve done it all!

  1. Custom Building

With the chance to tailor the details of your home to your liking, you’re truly able to live how you’ve always wanted. A custom home built by with us has your name written all over it, and will become the place where you feel most comfortable.

  1. BOYL Opportunity

If you’ve inherited a lot or found one you love, our team can build your luxurious home within that space. Our 30+ years of build-on-your-lot experience allows you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of in the location you love!

  1. Top-Notch Materials

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each of our homes are crafted from only the finest materials. From high-strength interior and exterior concrete, to premium grade framing material, you can be sure your home was built to last.

  1. Trusted Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical

When it comes to the mechanical details of your home, having top quality in installation and equipment will make a world of difference in your daily life. With our industry-leading equipment, quality installation, and excellent service, you can live worry-free!

  1. Proper Insulation

Insulation efficiency does not only keep you as comfortable as possible throughout all seasons, but also aids in noise reduction and allows you to save on energy costs. In your Arthur Rutenberg home, you get to save money while saving the planet!

  1. The Best Areas to Build

If you’re looking for advice on where to build your dream home, our experienced experts have you covered. We’ve taken the time to scout out the highest-quality lots around, so that you can focus on the details that matter most.

  1. Our Promise

Everyday, our work is fueled by the promise to satisfy every single one of our clients. We embody values of innovation, knowledge, and service to ensure a lifetime of happiness for the incredible homeowners that we work with.

For more information on how Arthur Rutenberg Homes can bring your dream to life, please visit our webpage, or give us a call at 330-441-0777. We can’t wait to build you your dream home!

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