When comparing building a new home to buying an existing home please consider these benefits of building new.

Your Vision
• Are you settling with design and features in a used home? Older homes tend to have lower ceiling heights, out of date floor plans and features. When choosing to build with us you will have over 70 floor plans and a dedicated design staff to accomplish your every desire and need.

• Will you have to deal with a remodel to make the home livable for you?

• Will you have to obtain a separate loan with a higher interest rate for upgrades and improvements to a used home?

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance
• According to the National Association of Homebuilders, “Today’s homes are built twice as energy efficient as new homes a generation ago.”

At Arthur Rutenberg Homes we use products such as Energy Star rated Bosch and GE appliances, Moen plumbing fixtures that conserve water, Pella insulated Low E windows, and foam insulation that make our homes more efficient and perform at a higher level.

• Are you concerned what you will be left to deal with once you close on your used home?

Arthur Rutenberg Homes delivers a one year warranty in addition to our Service Credo:
If within 10 years of the closing of your new home, a problem occurs which you believe is a
result of a defect in original workmanship, we will correct it without charge. Simply put, if it’s our fault, we will fix it!

Insurance and Safety
• New homes built to the latest storm codes cost less to insure and provide more safety to you and your family.

Value and Appreciation
• Home construction has changed dramatically in the last decade and even in the last 2 years. New Arthur Rutenberg Homes are built to live “new” longer and appreciate more dramatically than an older, used home.

Please contact us today at 330-441-0777 to learn more about the benefits of building new versus buying a used home.

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